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Creating the Future of Your Choice: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Empowerment™

By John J. Perry

This book is designed to show you simple (not easy) steps that you can take to enhance your chances. It starts by showing you ways to polish the lens through which you view your future. It then shows you ways to check your energy level and top off your tank.

Through my book, you also will learn:

  • How to be your own surveyor and scan the landscape ahead of you, identifying potential routes to your destination
  • Ways to chart your course, using all you have learned about the opportunities and challenges
  • Ways to identify those key others who will be important to your success and determine if partnership is the type of relationship you need to establish with them
  • How you can get started and stay the course, using your leadership abilities to create a collective will among your partners

My intent in this book is to present concepts that I have found to be useful to others and me in managing life in free and empowered ways. I use real-life stories to illustrate how these concepts have served us. At the end of each chapter, I suggest things you can do to determine if they will work for you. If you embrace these concepts and complete the exercises, you will get a running start on most of the rest of the pack and have an excellent chance of creating the future of your choice.

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