Managing Your Career

Take charge of your career by engaging in this self-managed career development process. Put the power of choice and a clear understanding of your preferences to work for you. Know where you want to go, determine what it will take to get there, and develop a plan that makes the best business and personal sense for you. As a participant in this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Assess how you are using your energy in your current position;
  • Develop a vision to inform and guide your career choices;
  • Identify challenges and opportunities affecting the realization of your vision;
  • Take responsibility for personal development and articulate a plan of action;
  • Identify key relationships and formulate a strategy to acquire needed support;
  • Examine your Will to Succeed, and determine the role of Choice and responsibility Consequences; and
  • Make a personal commitment to Creating the Future of Your Choice™

Managing Your Career – Workshop Content

This workshop is designed to be conducted in three-to-four hour Modules. Although these Modules can be conducted consecutively, with no break between them, it is advisable to consider conducting them at one- or two-week intervals. This will give participants time to complete exercises in preparation for the next Module.

Module 1 – The Present

You will be introduced to the Key Factors that affect your energy and explore and identify existing sources of energy. You will receive your JPEA™ results and use them to identify sources of energy Gain and Drain. You will identify how well you fit in your current position and to what extent the climate within your organization supports you in producing your best work.

Module 2 – The Future

You will create a career Vision Statement and Strategic Goals, utilizing your JPEA™ results to inform your choices. You will then scan the landscape to identify challenges and opportunities that are likely to affect the realization of your articulated vision.  This will include identifying the people who will most likely benefit from your efforts, those whose help and support you will need to be successful, and the obstacles you will most likely encounter along the way.

Module 3 – The Plan

You will assess the current state of your career and use your vision and survey of the landscape ahead as a guide to develop a plan for managing your own career development. You also will identify key others who will have significant influence on your ability to implement your plans successfully and develop a strategy for identifying their needs and expectations and enlisting their support.