Managing Your Relationships

It is important that you be aware of the fact that your behavioral preferences affect the way you relate to others. This awareness helps you make more informed choices about with whom to form alliances and how to use those alliances to help you accomplish your goals and realize your vision. As a participant in this workshop, you will:

  • Raise your awareness of how your preferences affect the quality of your relationships
  • Assess the role of the quality of your relationships on your energy and performance
  • Identify the criteria for forming true partnerships and distinguish partnerships from other types of relationships
  • Select appropriate strategies for forming and cultivating relationships with key others

Managing Your Relationships – Workshop Content

This workshop is designed to be conducted in three-to-four hour Modules. Although these Modules can be conducted consecutively, with no break between them, it is advisable to consider conducting them at one- or two-week intervals. This will give participants time to complete exercises in preparation for the next Module.

Module 1 – Preferences and Partnerships

You will be introduced to the context of the process and explore the effect that the quality of your relationships has on your energy. You will receive your JPEA™ results and use them to gain a deeper understanding of the role of preferences in relating to others. You will identify the characteristics of different types of relationships, applying the criteria that define Partnerships, and assess your readiness to form these “special” relationships.

Module 2 – Key Relationships

You will review the Key Factors that affect Partnerships and further explore the role of personal preferences. From individual preferences, you will move to exploring the role of preferences on the group dynamics and complete a development plan for formulating, fostering, and reinforcing the relationships on which you must depend if you are to succeed at Creating the Future of Your Choice™.